xmlrpc_dumpserver is a diagnostic XML-RPC server program. It executes any RPC it receives by printing to Standard Output its parameters.


     $ xmlrpc_dumpserver -port=8080


xmlrpc_dumpserver runs an XML-RPC server that executes any RPC it receives by printing to Standard Output the fact that the call was made and its parameters.

The server executes any method (i.e. a call with any method name) the same as any other.

The RPC always fails, with a message explaining that it is a test server.

You can use this to test an XML-RPC client -- to see what it is really sending as a call and give it a valid response to process.

To get more detail about the call, use the XMLRPC_TRACE_XML environment variable.

The server executes the built-in ("system.*") methods normally. system.shutdown works.

If you direct Standard Output to a file, you'll need to shut down the server cleanly in order to flush the operating system output buffer to the file. You can do that by performing a system.shutdown RPC.


xmlrpc_dumpserver -port=tcpPortNumber

Minimum unique abbreviation of option is acceptable. You may use double hyphens instead of single hyphen to denote options. You may use white space in place of the equals sign to separate an option name from its value.




This is the TCP port number on which the server listens for XML-RPC client connections.


xmlrpc_dumpserver was new in Xmlrpc-c 1.49 (March 2017).