History Of Code Changes In Super Stable Series 1.33

This page lists all significant changes to the code, by release, for the current Xmlrpc-c Super Stable release series, which is the 1.39.nn series. The series is based on Release 1.39.00 of the Xmlrpc-c Advanced release series, so see the main change history for the history of changes before 1.39.01.

In the Subversion source code repository, the current Super Stable release is always in directory super_stable. Individual releases within the series are not named in Subversion, but you can find them by date.

Release 1.39.13

Not released yet.

Release 1.39.12

Released 16.12.17

Release 1.39.11

Released 16.09.25

Release 1.39.10

Released 16.08.23

Release 1.39.09

A release by this name was never properly released, but a copy of Release 1.39.08 was accidentally distributed with a filename indicating it was 1.39.09 between mid-July and August 23, 2016.

Release 1.39.08

Released 16.06.04

Release 1.39.07

Released 15.12.30

Release 1.39.06

Released 15.09.23

Release 1.39.05

Released 15.07.31.

Release 1.39.04

Released 15.03.15.

Release 1.39.03

Released 15.02.27.

Release 1.39.02

Released December 18, 2015.

Release 1.39.01

Released November 29, 2014.